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Office Fruit Delivery

Fruit Delivery

We support our local Australian farmers by offering office fruit deliveries to our clients guaranteeing the freshest varieties of seasonal home grown fruit.

We ensure our office fruit delivery options are sourced locally promoting sustainable, long term farming practices and protecting the fruit industry in this country. Our fruit is never frozen, and is picked fresh from the tree and delivered direct to you!

Our office fruit deliveries are direct to your office kitchen, on a weekly basis if desired, in biodegradable boxes, ready to be popped into your fruit bowl for your staff to enjoy. The quick and easy ordering process for corporate fruit deliveries ensures your staff and clients are always provided with the freshest office fruit.

Office fruit delivery direct from the tree to you in 5 easy steps!

Step 1

On Monday & Tuesday fruit is picked from our farms around Australia.

Step 2

On Wednesday & Thursday the fruit is delivered to our wholesalers in each state within 72 hours of being picked.

Step 3

On Friday & Saturday our team collect your fruit from the markets in each city by hand ensuring premium quality.

Step 4

Over the Weekend our team pick and pack your fruit box ready for delivery on Monday

Step 5

On delivery day your handpicked box of seasonal fruit is delivered to your office.

Happy People

Everyone in the company enjoys wonderful, handpicked, fresh tasting fruit!

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