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Abdur's Lebanese Catering - Sydney

Established in 1968 by Dib Ghazal. Abdur's Restaurant started as a simple hole in the wall, selling freshly made falafel sandwiches.

Word quickly spread around Sydney of this fantastic new food phenomenon and soon lines were stretching out the door.

Today the tradition continues with Abdul’s still making the same high quality traditional Lebanese food that they’ve been making since 1968.... but this time it comes straight to your office



We have plenty of amazing catering options online, from hot rolls and kebabs to Lebanese finger food and skewers, to healthy salads and dips. What more could

you want for on a cold winters day !! 

Our pick of the menu is the Byblos banquet

You recieve all of the below for ......$14.50 per person.... (minimum 10)

  • 1 x ladies finger
  • 1 x garlic chicken skewer
  • 1 x falafel ball
  • 1 x vine leaf
  • Shared homous
  • Shared tabouli
  • Shared rice & lentils

Served with lebanese bread, olives and pickles. Delivery fee of $12.50 applies to each order 

(prices are ex GST)