Clover3 Testimonials

From Kelly in Perth

Hi John, I'm going to write a formal thanks when I'm back on Monday however just wanted to say a quick thanks, the night was a total success, food and service from Domain was excellent and your presence and efforts put my mind at ease. Rach mentioned you may have taken photos before event started which is something i forgot to do. If you do have some can you pls email thru?

From Nikki in Sydney

Rory Lunch was beautiful thankyou! You guys are amazing !!

From Lyneil in Sydney

Our Lunch for the MD catered by Pieces of Provence yesterday was amazing. I am so impressed with the quality, service and price of your catering menus. I have recommended you to a number of my friends who work in admin roles in the city. Keep up the amazing work.

From Caroline in Sydney

Today’s lunch order from Rockwall Catering was a hit with the tech teams. Everything was eaten up very quickly – I didn’t even get a look at any of the vegetarian dishes, oh well will have to wait until next time.  Please forward me a copy of the invoice and I’ll ring through the card details to you. 

From Kim in Adelaide

Hi Rory, Just wanted to say a big thanks for your help with our catering arrangement for this morning, I spoke with Leigh earlier to give him some really positive feedback about Jason and everything he prepared this morning but just also wanted to pass on to you that they were all really impressed. Using you guys at Clover3 definitely makes the process a lot easier so thank you for that!

From Lara in Sydney

Clover3 have the best quality fruit and milk around. They have been extremely helpful in making it easy for us to have our goods delivered weekly, all across Australia. Clover3 were a clear choice for us, Thanks for everything!

From Jean in Perth

The food was sensational! Every single person enjoyed it… Most came back for seconds and thirds. I am still full from yesterday because I ate so much haha. Delivery was 5 minutes early which was fantastic. Packaging was great and convenient.Thank you again and I look forward to placing my next order!

From Nicki in Melbourne

The feedback from the catering was great. I meant to message you on Friday about it actually. Everybody really enjoyed it. We’ll use them again. Was fresh, well presented and cost effective, Thanks for introducing us to Alex !! 

From Simon in Sydney

The catering provided for my mother in laws morning tea on Saturday was amazing. So much variety, so much colour and so very fresh. Thanks for putting this all together for us at such short notice. We have already passed on your details to a number of my family and friends. Thanks Clover3

From Sarah in Brisbane

Best lunch we have ever had in our office. For a first time customer we are hugely impressed. Everything arrived on time, the delivery driver helped put everything on the table, the lunch was very wholesome and my clients were hugely impressed. Thanks David for all your work on this, we will be sending you many more orders in due course.